Cattery Maine Coon



Maine Coon (another name - Meynskaya raccoon cat) - the largest cat in the world - adult males weigh 10 kg and the size and appearance resembles a small lynx or Kamysheva cat - but unlike their carnivorous relatives are very friendly.
Maine Coon is very hardy and active cat who gets along well with children, but shy and delicate. She has a good character, and her easy to maintain. She loves to play and perform various tricks, her pleasant, quiet chirping voice, and you will never find two Maine Coons with the same voices. The owner of a characteristic appearance, Maine Coon, almost short-and long-haired, front to back and belly. Familiar to the harsh climate and difficult life, Maine Coon likes to sleep in strange positions, and in peculiar places. Equally adapted to life indoors and outdoors, this cat prefers to have plenty of room for walking.